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The Early Care and Education Consortium (ECEC) issued a joint letter confirming that the nation’s largest child care providers have committed to formally incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion into their programs:
In a year of historic and unprecedented events—the devastating COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic fallout—we are facing yet another crisis as a country and community: Racial injustice, blatant discrimination and violations of basic human rights.
The tragic deaths of people of color including George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have prompted an eruption of outrage, protests and violence across the country. In this stressful and precarious environment, we are witnessing an outpouring of longstanding pain and suffering. 
We truly believe that the child care sector can be a critical piece of affecting much-needed change in this country. We must ensure that the voice of every child, family and employee is heard and valued. Children are a reflection of who we are, and we take our role as caregivers and nurturers of the nation’s future very seriously. 
Together we strive to create a new normal—a world of inclusion and belonging. Learning about acceptance, respect and fairness are important building blocks of our programs today. But we can no longer wait while we build our future. The time has come to take action now.
We collectively commit to using our available resources to help us better support all our children, families and employees by formally incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion into our programs. While we all lead different organizations, we are united by many shared beliefs—including the conviction that our greater community deserves to be treated equitably.
Together we will take on the challenge to create a truly inclusive environment for our children, families and communities—and take a stand for equity for all.

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