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By Ruth Klein 

The terror that rises in your throat from being laid off or fired and really become a phenomenal opportunity if you follow these six tips. If you feel that you’ve fallen on your face, have hope. When you stand up, you’ll be at least one body length ahead.
It’s been at least forty years since employees stayed with one company for all their working years. Job change is as much a part of this generation as NOT changing jobs was in the 40s and 50s. There is a great deal of growth in one’s career via temp jobs.
Today’s work environment is more high-stress than ever before and losing your employment just adds more weight to that load. The researchers at Harvard indicate that individuals with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome induced by stress) are vulnerable for job loss because of it.
Recognizing that being fired is become more commonplace than in previous generations can go a long way toward minimizing the high stress that comes with a pink slip. Behind that pink slip could be a golden opportunity.
Try using these six tips to accelerate your career if you’ve gotten laid off:
1. Embrace the opportunity. You were fired because you were not considered a right fit for the job. If it’s a matter of temperament, embrace the opportunity to find a job that will not make you blow your top, or one in which you can be positive. See this as a great chance to find a better opportunity for your particular skills, your career desires as well as maintaining your health and enjoying a wonderful style of living.
2. Get moving. Don’t become paralyzed at being fired. Make a “to do” list each day to a. explore jobs, b. update your resume, c. apply for jobs, d. network, c. examine what you’ve got planned for that day and e. reward yourself for not standing still. If you’re down in the blues, perhaps a close friend or some support organization will help you get ambulatory again.
3. Tighten up. It’s always wise to cut out unnecessary expenses even if you find another position early on, because a tightening will help you to make the change without stress. Cut out all but necessities. Reward yourself with free fun such as a trip to the public library, a park or by taking long walks with friends or family members.
4. Be honest. Very few people have never been fired, so don’t think you’ll never get another job. Focus on the positive results you achieved at your former job. You’ll be asked why you got laid off, so tell them your skill set didn’t work in that environment and explain what your good points are.
5. Network. It’s tried, but true. Go to professional meetings. Join associations. Make cold calls to leaders in your field, and ask for advice. You will find that your bravery will be amply rewarded, even if not immediately.
6. Think outside the box. This is the perfect time to ask yourself if you are on the right career path. Can your skills be useful in another profession that you would find more rewarding? Find four potential “outside the box” career fields, and revise the wording and focus of your resume in four different ways to fit those career requirements.
If you got a pink slip (aka were fired) or simply lost a temporary jobBusiness Management Articles, you’re at the edge of a great opportunity! Be sure to make the most of it.
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