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A new, free streaming service to enable churches to continue reaching their congregations during the COVID-19 restrictions has been developed by Church Web Works, a leading supplier of web services to churches across the United States.
The advanced service, called Church Live, enables churches to put their services online as soon as this Sunday. An online giving service with no setup fee is included.
“With church services and events being restricted or canceled all over the country due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are providing this free opportunity for churches to continue reaching their members with a full online service they can view right in their homes,” Gavin Fysh, president of Church Web Works, based in Renton, WA, says. “The world has changed dramatically in the last few weeks, and now is the time to swing open wide your virtual doors to change with it.”
Using the online giving service, transactions can be completed on the site while the video is being viewed.
Church Live also includes an optional chat room that filters out offensive language for those who have questions or comments for the pastor.
Services will be streamed using YouTube.
“We chose YouTube because it is the world’s largest video gathering place,” Fysh says. “It is free to use. And it is public.”
“This switch to a whole new world brings exciting new opportunities. The coronavirus restrictions mean your physical church will, for the foreseeable future, no longer be filled with those who attend it each Sunday. But your online church can be filled with attendees from around the world.”
“Church leaders, including pastors and worship leaders, should think of this as a challenge,” Fysh says. “They will want to use methods to capture and retain an audience that are more applicable to a live TV format than to their usual in-church presentation.”
Tips on Church Live will help churches on such aspects as setting up equipment and developing creative presentations.
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