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Thought leadership research firm TrendCandy Research today released a new study revealing the opinions of Americans in response to handling of the coronavirus pandemic. TrendCandy surveyed a random sample of 1,200 US adults in March 2020 on attitudes and behaviors regarding current affairs and trends in America, including the COVID-19 outbreak.

“This is a very difficult time for Americans, there is a lot of uncertainty, confusion and fear. Many people feel like we, as a country, are not doing enough to curb the spread of this disease,” said Justin Ethington, CEO and founder of TrendCandy. “People are worried about everything from food supplies, to quarantines to how best to continue with daily life.”

Some key data from the research includes:

  • 67% of Americans would support halting all incoming international flights to slow the spread of coronavirus.
  • Coronavirus has shifted opinions of China with one in five Americans having a more negative view of China due to coronavirus.
  • 44% of Americans believe political parties are politicizing the coronavirus pandemic with 19% believe Republicans are politicizing coronavirus, and 25% believe Democrats are politicizing coronavirus.
  • 28% of Americans expect their area to be quarantined due to coronavirus.
  • The top places Americans are avoiding due to coronavirus include airports, countries outside the US, public events (sports, concerts etc.), cruises and mass transit.
  • The top places Americans are not actively avoiding include the workplace, grocery stores, beaches, church and school.
  • Over half (58%) of Americans don’t trust the news media when it comes to coronavirus reporting.
  • 84% of Americans expect the U.S. economy to be damaged due to unnecessary coronavirus hype from the media.
  • Liberal Americans are 31% more likely than Conservative Americans to say they trust news reporting on the Coronavirus.
  • 41% of Americans living in urban neighborhoods expect their area to be quarantined due to coronavirus while 21% Americans living in rural areas expect their area to be quarantined
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