Courtesy of Gary Hines/Sounds of Blackness

Fresh from their NAACP Image Award Nomination for the anthemic single “Time For Reparations”, The 3X Grammy Award-Winning Sounds of Blackness is back with an urgent new social justice anthem for today – “WOKE”.

“WOKE” features the soul-charged vocals of the Sounds of Blackness’s very own Quan Howell while weaving together a tapestry of social justice themes and iconic protest music references.

Contemporary society and media have appropriated the term “Woke” and weaponized it for divisive and meaningless culture wars. “Woke” is not a competition, it is a way of being. 

Historically, the term “Woke” is an African-American phrase to alert others to the ever-prevalent systems of racism and poverty that were established centuries ago by colonizers. These systems that favor one group of people over another are woven into our political, religious, and education systems to this very day. Many do not realize that these systems are even there or where their true origins come from. 

“WOKE” is a powerful life-changing call to consciousness.

“WOKE” is a message to stay alert and understand deeply the history of systems of hate across the globe.

“WOKE” is a demand for a life that is free of systems of oppression. 

Written and produced by Sounds of Blackness Music Director Gary Hines, “WOKE” was recorded at Atomic K Studios and RiverRock Studios in Minneapolis.

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