Kwanza Jones music release: "We Buildin’ (Reggaeton Mix)"

Nine-Time Billboard charting artist and investor of over $150 million, Kwanza Jones, delighted fans last week with the surprise release of a new take on her original track titled, “We Buildin’.” It celebrates the power of collective action and positive change.

As her unique style of dance music continues to grow in popularity, Jones is thrilled to announce the release of the reggaeton version of “We Buildin’.” The new track titled, “We Buildin’ (Reggaeton Mix),” is an up-tempo reggaeton tune that pays tribute to the essence of building on your future, brick by brick.

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The new song was released in time for the dedication of two new dormitories at Princeton University, named after Kwanza Jones (Princeton ’93) and her partner in business and life, José E. Feliciano (Princeton ’94). The dormitories will be the first buildings to be named after Black and Latino benefactors since the founding of Princeton. They are connected by a bridge representing the physical expression of connecting communities and bridging culture.

In 2019, Jones and Feliciano made a historic donation of $20 million to support Princeton University’s strategic goal of undergraduate expansion. 

In an interview with The Hype Magazine, Jones stated, “In 2019 José and I donated $20 million to our alma mater Princeton University. It was the largest gift by underrepresented people of color to the University. The donation helped broaden access to the University for students from diverse backgrounds and put a spotlight on the benefits of diversity, inclusion, and representation. In Fall 2022, the University completed and officially opened the doors to two new adjoining dormitories, one named after him and one named after me – Kwanza Jones Hall. I always operate from a place of gratitude. Supporting and giving back to the communities that have supported me have been career highlights, too.”

Jones creates music to provoke thought and serve as a catalyst for positive social change. “I feel it’s my duty to use my voice and music as a catalyzing positive force for good,” said Jones.

“We Buildin’ (Reggaeton Mix)” celebrates the possibilities that come from building opportunities. It serves as a reminder that we can build the lives we want and achieve a better future by taking action.

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