SUPERCHARGED By Kwanza Jones music releases: “Time To Win” “Turn It Around” and “Whatever It Takes”

Acclaimed artist, Kwanza Jones, releases 3 new singles. The songs titled, “Time To Win,” “Turn It Around,” and “Whatever It Takes,” are thematically connected by the power of choice and determination.

“There is power in choice and you have that power. Decide who you want to be and go be it,” said Jones.

hese singles are released through her company, SUPERCHARGED® by Kwanza Jones, a media, lifestyle, and personal development brand founded by Jones with a simple, yet ambitious vision – to be earth’s most action-inspiring organization.

SUPERCHARGED By Kwanza Jones is a media and personal development brand that produces inspiring, motivational content coupled with an impact-oriented community. They create songs that are energizing, positive, and empowering. Their mission is to boost humans to be better and improve the world together with music being the pillar art form.

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