Leaders need disruptive thinking. With the ever changing culture and new challenges, leaders now more than ever need to rethink how they do things. T.D. Jakes’ International Leadership Summit, in Orlando from May 4-6, equips leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs with the latest resources and expertise to help leaders navigate these volatile times.

The Internal Leadership Summit continues to be one of the most transformative leadership conferences as a standard-bearer for ecclesial learning and professional development. Previous speakers at the conference include Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, Stedman Graham, Craig Groeschel, Cynthia Marshall and Miles McPherson. This year, Jakes is joined by Paul Adefarasin, Tudor Bismark, Nona Jones, Janice Byrant Howroyd and other leaders of business, entertainment, faith and other arenas.

Preceding the annual gathering, on May 3, as part of its 2023 national tour is Good Soil, a one-day intensive business accelerator program offered by TDJ Enterprises aimed to impact, scale and grow underrepresented businesses. More information can be found here.  

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