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Wade Institute of Technology (WIT) is currently recruiting students for the launch of its Integrated Engineering master’s degree program. The program integrates engineering courses with human-centered classes in leadership and management concepts.

WIT is a private, nonprofit educational institution located in Palo Alto, California. Founded in 2020, it is an experiential college that offers students of African descent the opportunity to create a STEM major tailored to their interests and talents.

“There’s an acute underrepresentation of African Americans and students of African descent in the engineering ecosystem,” said WIT Executive Director Booker T. Wade, Jr. “Our goal is to create a program that not only mitigates that issue but does so through an innovative, project-based approach that meets the current demand for engineers who are skilled in a variety of disciplines.”

The student-centric curriculum emphasizes problem-solving applicability to real-world challenges with the goal of preparing graduates for broad-based management and leadership roles in technology.

The program will include elements from aeronautics and astronautics; material sciences; leadership; project management; and biomedical, computer, electrical, mechanical, systems, civil and environmental engineering.

The application deadline is August 30, 2023 and coursework begins in September. The first year of study will be offered tuition-free for accepted students. Those who possess a bachelor’s degree in a STEM discipline will complete their studies in 12-18 months instead of 24 months.

Details about the program and the application process can be found at

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