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Rep. Chris Smith (R-Manchester) announced that New Jersey will receive nearly $95 million in federal funding for the state’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund—bolstering the federal-state partnership that allows local entities to receive grants or principal forgiveness loans to improve and enhance local water projects.

“These critical federal dollars will enable the state to assist local governments anxious to  implement much needed clean water infrastructure improvements,” said Smith who supported and voted for the federal infrastructure bill which provides the federal funding for this program but also funds major reconstruction of dangerous bridges, roadways, rail lines, tunnels, the removal of lead-contaminated water pipes and more while boosting commerce, jobs and economic growth.

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“Our towns and local governments are stretched thin working to meet multiple needs and this funding will help with constructing or repairing vital municipal wastewater facilities, building decentralized wastewater treatment systems, and improving a variety of valuable aquatic resources in our towns,” he said.

“Clean water is an essential necessity of everyday life—not a luxury,” said Smith. “This program enables all levels of government to work together to ensure that our rivers, streams and inlets remain clear of toxic waste and other containments that can pose significant health risks to residents—especially children—in our community.”

On another, but similar track, Smith, has worked tirelessly to help ensure access to clean drinking water for New Jersey residents. Legislation he introduced in 2020, known as the Get the Lead Out Act targeted  lead-tainted pipelines in New Jersey, which has an estimated 350,000 lead service lines. Provisions similar to Smith’s legislation were incorporated into the final infrastructure bill and are being implemented to help combat lead in our drinking water.

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