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With the influx of technical issues airlines have recently faced such as the Southwest meltdown and the FAA nation-wide shutdown, it’s critical to know how your travel insurance could help if your travel plans become affected. The experts at Yonder Travel Insurance break down what travel delay coverage is and what it could cover if your airline experiences a technical issue or another type of delay.

What is Travel Delay Coverage?

Over the years, the team at Yonder has received an influx of travel delay questions. It’s a benefit included with most travel insurance policies that reimburses out-of-pocket expenses like accommodations, meals, and local transportation if your flight is delayed for a specific amount of time, usually between 3-12 hours.

“Travelers should double-check their policy includes travel delay coverage since costs associated with flight delays can be quite high without it,” says Terry Boynton, co-founder and president of Yonder Travel Insurance.

Why is Travel Delay Coverage Important?

Travelers, especially those traveling via airplane, rely on travel suppliers to get them to where they need to go. When this fails, the bill is often left to the traveler, with travel suppliers offering little to accommodate. Travel insurance helps fill that gap.

For example, a family of five is traveling back home to Chicago from Florida. The day they’re supposed to return home, their airline experiences a delay due to weather or a technical issue. They must stay another night in Florida until they can get on the next earliest flight tomorrow. That night, they incur the cost of an additional hotel night, dinner and breakfast, and Uber costs to their hotel and back to the airport the next morning. Travel delay coverage would provide reimbursement for these unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

“For families with children or multiple adults, these costs can really add up fast,” says Boynton. “Having travel insurance in hand before you depart can save you money in the long run if your travel doesn’t go according to plan.” Using a travel insurance comparison site like Yonder Travel Insurance can help you easily compare policies side-by-side to verify you’re getting the maximum amount of travel delay coverage.

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