Eugenia Foxworth, host of the Foxworth Theory (Contributed photo)

Real estate titan, art impresario, and national podcast host Eugenia Foxworth, is the personification of a renaissance woman whose impeccable charm, philanthropic benevolence, and humanitarian spirit, engage listeners from diverse backgrounds and cultures on a myriad of captivating conversations on “The Foxworth Theory.” Miss Foxworth’s national, weekly podcast is live streamed on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9pm on her YouTube channel ( The show exposes listeners to candid and refreshing conversations that serve as an amalgamation of Miss Foxworth’s personal interests in art, business, culture, fashion, history, and social activism. Guests range from trailblazers to change-makers with the motivating theory to “inspire people to pursue their own dreams and goals while making a difference.”

Starting the week of Jan. 15th, 2023, the Foxworth Theory begins its partnership with New Jersey Urban News, which will carry the twice-weekly podcast on their platform ( The New Jersey Urban News platform will air the Foxworth Theory on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9 pm ET.

Schedule of guests include:

Penda Howell (Founder/Publisher, NJ Urban News)
Tues. 1/17/2023 & Thurs. 1/19/2023 – 9pm ET

Milagros Batista (Fashion Designer, Batista Collections)
Tues. 1/24/2023 & Thurs. 1/26/2023 – 9pm ET

Robin Williams (Founder/Choreographer, Uptown Dance Academy NYC)
Tues. 1/31/2023 & Thurs. 2/2/2023 – 9pm ET

Eugenia Foxworth’s contribution to society began young as the daughter of interracial parents. Identifying as African American on her mother’s side and British from her father’s lineage, Miss Foxworth understood both the impact and importance of human rights for all. She credits civil and gay rights activist Bayard Rustin for mentoring her after graduating Drexel University with a degree in civil engineering. 

Although her career path took an alternate route as an international flight attendant for a major airline, Miss Foxworth changed direction by immersing herself in the fashion world and opened a midtown Manhattan boutique geared towards Mexican clothing and designs.  She later developed an insatiable appreciation and curiosity for fine art by establishing the Foxworth Gallery on the upper east side of New York City. However, a flood debacle in her gallery forced not only relocation but professional reinvention once again. “These real estate agents took me to places that were not within the specs so I decided to get my own realtor’s license” without regret.
For nearly fifteen years, Eugenia Foxworth has established herself as a premiere owner/broker of the New York City based Foxworth Realty. While the real estate industry can often be a revolving door for agents, Miss Foxworth distinguishes herself among the ranks of leading professionals who have mastered the industry with integrity, consistency, honesty, precision, and tenacity.  She has been highlighted as “One of the Phenomenal Women in Real Estate.” 

However, Miss Foxworth’s greatest achievement is serving as the first African American President for the United States chapter of the International Federation Of Real Estate (aka FIABCI-USA) which is a worldwide business networking organization for real estate professionals. Miss Foxworth’s mission is to “make sure we are known here in the USA and create scholarship opportunities for all students. We must give back to our communities.” She now serves on FIABCI’S World Board. Eugenia Foxworth’s theory for recognizing her own self-worth is being mindful that “nothing is ever planned in my life. It is all planned by God.”
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