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As I read the stories and watched the videos of Rep-elect George Santos (R-N.Y.) admitting to blatantly lying about his educational credentials, work background, net worth, and ethnicity, I shook my head. Then I burst into maniacal and hysterical laughter.

I had a fleeting thought of what would have happened to me if I had run around and told everyone that I had bachelor’s and master’s degrees, worked at several multimedia companies, earned millions and millions of dollars, and was Jewish. With any luck, the lies, or alternative facts, would nab me a seat on the state legislature. The illicit method worked for Santos. He lied about having multiple degrees, working on Wall Street, and having a Jewish heritage, none of it mattered, and he was still elected to the Long Island House of Representatives. I forgot that Santos is allegedly Latino, Gay, and a Republican; however, no one knows for sure, and those things may also change in the coming days.

A Christmas Story–(Giphy/Internet photo)

Earlier this week, after it was revealed in the New York Times and several other outlets raised questions about inconsistencies in his professional profile and campaign information, Santos said, “I’m embarrassed and sorry for having embellished my resume. I own up to that…We do stupid things in life.”

I don’t know; I always thought “embellishing” or “a little white lie,” is telling the police officer that stopped you on the way home from the bar or your wife that you “only had two beers when you actually had three.” Or telling your boss that you will be 10 minutes late when you know you’ll be an hour late. Santos said he thought he was Jewish. He said, “Because I learned my maternal family had a Jewish background, I said I was Jew—ish.” What does that mean? So, if I tell people that I am Black—ishLatino—ishAsian—ish, or White—ish, I’ll be welcomed and embraced by everyone as one of the family?

At any rate, Santos is under increasing pressure to resign from Democrats and some Republicans; however, he said he will not step down and will be sworn into office next week. I should mention that Santos flipped a House seat for the GOP last month and will represent parts of Long Island and Queens, enabling Republicans to secure a slight majority in the lower chamber.

Santos does have the full support of at least one Republican–Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Green. Not the best ally. She said she is glad Santos is “being honest with his district now and look forward to seeing how he legislates and votes.” The House Ethics Committee is strongly encouraged by legislators, including Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries ((N.Y.) to probe into Santos fundraising activities and other activities. Green has also been investigated and sanctioned by the House Ethics Committee. Jeffries called Santos “a complete and utter fraud.” Stay tuned.

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