Ocean Wind Pro-NJ Grantor Trust​

Phone Number: (908) 454-8300
Email: info@pronjtrust.org
​Facebook: Pro-NJ Grantor Trust
Twitter: @ProNJGrantor
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Areas you service:

With a mission to ensure that the offshore wind industry in New Jersey is developed in a sustainable and inclusive way, the Ocean Wind Pro-NJ Grantor Trust was established to encourage small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses to consider ways they can participate in New Jersey’s emerging offshore wind industry and provide funding to retool, adjust or enhance their business models to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Brief summary of business: The Ocean Wind Pro-NJ Grantor Trust is a $15 million fund established by Ørsted and Ocean Wind, with the goal of ensuring that the offshore wind industry in New Jersey is developed in a sustainable and inclusive way. Furthermore, the Trust is committed to supporting coastal infrastructure and resiliency projects in Ocean, Atlantic and Cape May counties to help mitigate the impacts of severe weather occurrences and flooding to help increase coastal resiliency and help municipalities and counties better respond to natural disasters.

How many years have you been in business? 2 Years

What motivates you?  The Trustees of the Pro-NJ Grantor Trust are committed to making sure small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses across New Jersey have an opportunity and the ability to participate in the supply chain required to support the U.S. offshore wind industry. 

What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know? New Jersey has committed to a goal of achieving 7,500 megawatts of offshore wind by 2035. The three projects currently underway – Ocean Wind 1, Ocean Wind 2 and Atlantic Shores – account for just over 3,750 megawatts. That means we’re halfway to meeting the State’s goal for offshore wind, and a domestic supply chain is imperative to do so. There is still ample time for businesses to learn about the offshore wind industry and to get involved. 

When did you join the AACCNJ? 2021

​As someone doing business in New Jersey, how does the chamber help you?  The Chamber provides a direct pathway to the very businesses we want to apply for grant funding and ultimately have a role in what will be one of New Jersey’s newest economic drivers. 

What advice would you give to other AACCNJ Members? Offshore wind is an opportunity for all – not just the companies developing these projects.  We encourage all members to consider creative and novel ways their businesses can support and participate in the offshore wind industry. Some examples of businesses that may be able to adapt to support this industry include:

  • Onshore and offshore light logistics and services
  • Marine vessel operators
  • Marine vessel supply and maintenance
  • Aviation supply and maintenance
  • Civil construction
  • Electrical construction
  • Marine construction
  • Buildings – construction and repair
  • Professional services (communications, environmental/permitting, engineering, etc.)
  • Turbine blade inspection and service
  • Fuel service and supply
  • Network/wireless communications supply, service, and repair
  • Workforce training, trade/safety, etc.
  • Facilities management
  • Cable laying
  • Directional boring
  • Waste management, cleaning and janitorial
  • Food service and catering
  • Onshore and offshore surveys
  • Project and risk management
  • Health and safety equipment and clothing
  • Marine clothing/equipment supply
  • Material handling and logistics
  • Security services
  • Marine mammal observation

If you do have a business that may be a good fit to support the offshore wind industry, in addition to visiting the ProNJTrust.org website and signing up for news alerts, please also sign up for the New Jersey Offshore Wind Supply Chain Registry and register as a supplier in the Ørsted Procurement Portal.

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