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Seniors could be afforded stronger legal protections to shield their estates from scammers and unworthy beneficiaries thanks to legislation recently introduced by Senator Robert Singer.

“Seniors have always been prime targets for scammers who prey on their trusting nature and easy demeanor,” said Singer (R-30). “We’ve all heard the stories—an elderly person passes away and their entire estate is left to a seemingly random caregiver. In many of these instances, the so-called caregiver took advantage of a person who was clearly in a vulnerable state. My legislation will curb this despicable behavior so that our seniors can feel confident that their estate will go to the proper beneficiaries.”

Singer’s legislation, S-3341, will protect vulnerable seniors from predatory practices committed by caregivers or alleged caregivers—particularly seniors living in nursing homes, assisted living residences, or continuing care retirement communities.

Under the bill, a non-familial caregiver must prove that no undue influence existed if that caregiver is named a beneficiary in a will.

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