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The Newark, NJ NAACP and the People’s Organization for Progress (P.O.P) are joining forces in calling for the immediate dismissal of charges by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office against the Rodwell/Spivey family. The arrest from last year of four family individuals by the Newark, NJ Police Department, which actually lead to one person (Mr. Justin Rodwell) being held for more than one year in the Essex County Jail, resonates with injustice & abuse of all of their civil-right entitlements altogether.

“The Newark, NJ NAACP is tired of Black men/women being treated unfairly by our law enforcement agencies, which often leads to the ruining of their individual lives and their family’s lives as well said Rick Robinson, Chairman of the New Jersey State Conference (NJSC) NAACP Criminal Justice Committee. This criminal behavior & deliberate act of misconduct is unacceptable and all charges need to be dropped immediately against these four young men,” said Robinson.

Attorney Hardaway’s statement- “This incident is not isolated, and a prime example of how black people are treated like second class citizens by the legal system with no accountability for the officers who engaged in blatant racial profiling and unlawful detention. The officers involved should be criminally charged with racial profiling and held accountable for their actions which resulted in the violation of the Rodwell/Spivey brothers’ civil rights. We will continue to pursue every legal remedy at our disposal to right this egregious wrong.”

Monique Rodwell’s statement- “My family and I are grateful to have Justin home and to know that my sons are no longer facing prison time. However, my sons should have never been racially profiled and assaulted by the police officers and the family should also have not been harassed just to keep us quiet. As a family, we have endured tremendous hardship and our lives have changed forever. The officers and officials responsible should be held accountable.”

“The People’s Organization For Progress (POP) joins with the Newark, NJ NAACP and other organizations and individuals in calling for the all the charges against the Rodwell/Spivey brothers to be dropped immediately,” stated Lawrence Hamm, Chairman, People’s Organization For Progress.

“We believe them to be innocent of the charges that have been brought against them. Further, we believe them to be victims of racial profiling” Hamm said.

“This entire episode since the incident and their encounter with the police has been an excruciating ordeal for the brothers and their family,” he said.

“The Rodwell/Spivey brothers and their family have suffered enough. POP believes the best way to proceed forward in this matter is to drop all charges and bring this tragic episode to an end,” Hamm said.

Robinson, who also serves as the Co-Chair of the Newark, NJ NAACP’s Criminal Justice Committee stated, “This problem often plagues our black communities and we need for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office to step up and drop ALL charges immediately. Lastly, we must also entertain accountability measures against all those Newark Police Department officers that participated in this racially motivated act!”

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