The Pastors talk show cast, Shane Wall (host), Brian Lee, Nicky Raiborde, and Glover Richberg. Credit: Contributed

Four South Carolina-based pastors have joined forces to create a new TV talk show. For their pilot episode on October 1, they discussed a challenging topic that is even controversial among Christians: Abortion.

They noted that since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, famed advocates for pro-life are experiencing extreme pleasure, as outspoken advocates for pro-choice are undergoing intense pressure. Yet, those suffering the most are women with the painstaking task of choosing either life or death for their unborn children.

Shane Wall, an Orangeburg, SC pastor and two-time bestselling author who spearheads and hosts the talk show, has been preaching for 39 years. During the episode, he asked, “What would you say to… a young girl who said to you that a family member [impregnated me]?” Glover Richberg, another Orangeburg, SC pastor who has been preaching for 11 years, responded, “That shame is not yours….”

Nicky Raiborde, a Columbia, SC pastor who has preached in over 80 countries in the past 25 years, said, “I actually felt a little bit guilty. I felt a little bit ashamed that all this time we’ve never taken the time to educate the people [concerning Abortion].” He continued, “…as a church, I think we have failed greatly in offering [a] proper response to abortion….” Brian Lee, a Columbia, SC pastor who has been preaching for 34 years, also remarked, “…much of the church and much of the world that is classified as pro-life are really pro-birth and not pro-life.”

When asked off-camera how they strategized to represent three ethnicities amongst the four of them, Wall said, “We never discussed or planned it.” Lee responded, “We never spoke about our races regarding the show. We’re just friends and brothers.”

The Pastors talk show aspires to support communities with love and commitment as pastoral members of society. Wall said, “I am in contact with several television stations and networks for future relationships.” The public is encouraged to subscribe to The Pastors’ YouTube channel at and their podcast at to view and hear weekly episodes. The Pastors website is The talk show episodes feature practical next steps and generous offers from reputable companies providing free or affordable services relative to each episode’s topic.

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  1. sadly church of all dominations been busy about explaining abortion to their people, so the devil controlling liberals went in and brainwashed our kids about ungodly lies and wrong massages! and now they are brainwashing our kids with woke evil stuff… unfortunately the devil is in control in America! they kicked God from schools & colleges, the devil entered and abusing our little kids with transchangers and sex change, no mother, no father evil suff! I blame the churches and their slepping leaders… the head of the southern Baptist church is a liberal, woke guy!… God help us in Jesus Name! wake up and change America before is too late…

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