Baby Drivers

11-year-old, Truly Adams is a hit sensation on the new Discovery+ series “Baby Drivers”. Truly is trained by his father Troy Adams, along with the other cast members, who is the star of the show. In the high-stakes world of motorsports, nothing is more intense than competitive go-karting and the parents of young racers know that if anyone can get their kid to the top, it’s Troy Adams of the legendary Adams Motorsports Park.

Troy coaches this talented group of adolescents to become the future of professional racing, their parents are on the sidelines coaching, arguing with other parents, and vicariously living through their kids. In this series where the kids go too fast and the parents go too far, it’s all in the name of the future of racing. BABY DRIVERS streams exclusively on discovery+.

This is the breeding ground for the next racing superstar, and for the dads and moms of kids as young as 7 years old who are dangerously taking corners at 70mph, extreme risk, and big money are the name of the game. Families will spend up to $10,000 in a weekend and put all else in their lives on hold to support their young drivers.

Troy Adams says about his son, “Truly hit a growth spurt in the off-season and now must step up to the Juniors division, where he’ll be competing against kids up to 16 years old.”

In addition to seeing Coach Troy in action with these unforgettable kids, he also takes on the task of coaching his own son, Truly, who would like to be a Formula 1 race car driver. But will Truly be able to live up to Adam’s family lineage? With each family’s reputation on the line, these kids are willing to do whatever it takes to make it across the finish line first.

In BABY DRIVERS, Troy Adams, who himself has raced open-wheel and NASCAR, is shining a light on a new diverse generation of athletes by creating the number one driver development program in the country for minorities and women. As the world of racing continues to evolve, when it comes to go-karting there are three classes coached by Troy in which each kid strives to be at the top of their group: Kid Karts (ages 5-7), Cadets (ages 8-11), and Juniors (ages 12-16). It’s here on the track where audiences will see each kid put the pedal to the metal, while their overly enthusiastic parents watch from the sidelines (and sometimes even jump onto the track!) to get in on the racing action and that’s where the drama really begins.

In this all-new series, Troy trains & accesses the latest team of competitors. Among them include Lil Troy Ferguson, Hudson Hidalgo, Grayson Walcott, Diesel, Danya, and Asher Biezonsky.

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