The Little Prince is an adaptation of the best-selling French novel of the same name by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a story of a young prince on a journey of self-discovery. By visiting various planets in space, including Earth, he explores themes of human nature like friendship, love, loneliness, adversity, and more. Admittedly, I have not read the story of The Little Prince, and I am none the wiser having watched this production. It is confusing and ostentatious, boasting a narrator (Chris Mouron) who adds a layer of distraction rather than enlightenment. A solid French accent pulls your attention to the screens on either side for subtitles. The narrator, wearing a tailcoat suit with teal hair, portrays the image of a ringmaster for a knock-off Cirque du Soliel-esque attempt at storytelling. This approach provides no authentic dialogue, and without that, the abstract and surreal nature of the production makes it hard to follow. 

Pictured: The Company of The Little Prince Credit: Joan Marcus 2022

One of the most confusing elements in this production of The Little Prince is the prince himself. Lionel Zalachas is in peak physical shape, and while he may need strength for the skills he performs, he hardly resembles a child with practically every muscle on display. Perhaps a costume that was a bit more kiddish would have helped his quizzical head tilts and posture achieve the childlike effect for which it was intended. However, his love affair with a dancing flower (Laurisse Sulty) and tamable fox (Dylan Barone) complicates the adolescent aspect, adding a strangely romantic element and a possible love triangle to the story. 

The spectacle of the artists, dancers, and graphics lend an incredible sensitivity to the production – fitting for a children’s book full of imaginary planets and characters. Each “planet” is a world of its own. Without a narrative to tie the story together, the transitions make each planet seems like a stand-alone cabaret act. Regardless of the ensemble of talented dancers and aerialists, as a whole, the story falls a bit flat, leaving you to wonder what happened for the last 2 hours.

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