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As part of ongoing efforts to improve motor vehicle and driver testing services, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) today announced it has completed a rollout of web-based driver knowledge testing at high schools and driving schools around the state.

“We are always looking to modernize our processes so customers can be served more effectively,” said NJMVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton. “Administering knowledge tests on a web-based application in proctored settings allows us to maintain the integrity of the test, while improving security, speeding processing, and providing flexibility in how and where they are taken.”

Last year, the NJMVC began migrating its DARTSS (Driver and Road Test Scoring System) program to this digital, web-based solution, and away from the old paper and pencil method for administering knowledge tests at schools.

The initial phase of the rollout began at the start of the 2021-2022 school year at public and private high schools across New Jersey. Instead of knowledge tests being administered on paper, randomized exams could now be taken on computers.

Previously, knowledge tests were mailed to schools on a compact disc and teachers proctoring the exam printed seven different versions to ensure students sitting next to each other did not receive the same paper test.

All 665 high schools that are licensed to teach driver education and administer knowledge tests have migrated to the online testing system this academic year.

The second phase of this initiative, launched this spring, transitioned knowledge testing online at the 139 commercial driving schools that are licensed to administer the knowledge test in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, the NJMVC continues utilizing staff to proctor knowledge tests on the digital platform at state college campuses. Since fall 2021, NJMVC has held 14 off-site knowledge testing events at Rowan College at Burlington County and Passaic County Community College in Wanaque, where nearly 2,300 exams have been provided.

Soon, the Commission also will begin conducting commercial driver license (CDL) knowledge tests on the online platform in proctored settings. Later this month, employees in the CDL Mobile Compliance Unit will start coordinating web-based CDL knowledge tests for state partners and stakeholders in the transportation, trucking, and busing industries that have access to NJMVC’s bulk testing services.

Driver knowledge tests, sometimes referred to as written knowledge tests, can also be accessed by an appointment at one of 24 Licensing Centers around the state. All appointments are scheduled at The current demand for driver testing services in New Jersey is at historically high levels.

“As we always stress, please study your driver manual,” Chief Fulton added. “We continue to see high failure rates – upwards of 50% – so make sure you are prepared for the exam. Our testing protocols are rigorous because the safety of our roads depends on having skilled, knowledgeable drivers. We want drivers to succeed and pass their tests. More drivers passing on their first attempt would reduce the overall demand for testing services and enable us to accommodate more applicants for commercial and non-commercial driver licenses.”

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