The Video Bible, a mission-based organization committed to spreading the Good News of the Bible far and wide, announced today the launch of the world’s first free Video Bible. 

Using the crowdfunded model, The Video Bible, is committed to sharing the Word, the Good News, and the love of Jesus in a video and audio format that allows everyone – the young, old, dyslexic, illiterate, disabled and the perfectly healthy – to engage scripture in a deep and meaningful way in today’s digital age. Launching with the Book of James, Philippians, and Philemon, followed by the Gospels, the remainder of the New Testament, and finally, the Old Testament, the mission concentrates on producing the books of The Bible that introduce Jesus to the world. Once completed, The Video Bible will span 90 hours, and be available in multiple languages as the first fully illustrated Bible

The Video Bible has garnered global support from YouVersion, with more than 600 million app installations worldwide; The Gospel Coalition, with more than 16 million yearly website visits; and a licensing commitment from Biblica to use the NIV audio Bible, narrated by Max McLean. The God-ordained mission has found initial support from pastors, Bible publishers, artists, and theological friends to begin creating the Book of James, the first book.  

The Video Bible invites everyone to enjoy it for free on YouTube, while encouraging the “donate what you can” model for those who are passionate about joining the mission to spread the Good News and love of Jesus.

“We’re not replacing the written Word,” said Josh Yates, pastor at The Video Bible. “Rather, we are introducing greater on-ramps to help people engage with the Bible – by supporting this ministry it’s a great way people can take the Gospel in audiovisual format to the ends of the earth.”

75 million people, or 20% of the US population, are unable to read and 35 million people are dyslexic, making the written word difficult to process. Moreover, for 54.1 million senior citizens, reading has become increasingly difficult. That means that nearly one third of the population of the United States has limited ability to experience the message of the written Bible. The Video Bible will not only serve this need in the United States, but around the world.

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