Recently, the CDC highlighted that racism is a serious public health issue, impacting the mental and physical health of people of color.

For the first time, The White House even provided a statement on #BlackMaternalHealth in honor of Black Maternal Health Week last April, a key part of National Minority Health Month saying, “A person’s race should never determine their health outcomes.”

Yet they do. The social determinants of health are clear.

All of this came to light earlier this year while the nation was watching Derek Chauvin on trial for murder charges for the killing of George Floyd — who called out for his mom when he was being asphyxiated; the killing of Daunte Wright at the hands of police; and testimony about off-duty officer David Hall Dixon, who was charged with two counts of murder in a shooting that left James Johnson and Dominique Williams dead.
And these are only a few of far too many stories of Black people being racially profiled and fearing for safety when interacting with police, many of which go untold.

Two parents—who are concerned about raising kids in a world that forces them to understand they’re unsafe in their skin before they even learn their ABCs—were motivated by these activities to create and launch an innovative solution to increase BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community safety and peace of mind: ANJEL Tech.

ANJEL Tech is an app that turns any smartphone into the world’s most powerful bodycam. James A. Samuel, Jr., founder of ANJEL Tech, said he created it because he’s passionate about preventing more Black men from becoming another painful statistic and Black moms from experiencing the toxic stress from putting their kids into a society grounded in racism.

“I know too many Black moms who’ve received a phone call that turned their world upside down in an instant. And too many others who’ve had to live with the possibility of it happening every day since the first time their kid left for school,” Samuel, Jr. said. “Watching George Floyd asphyxiated on that asphalt scared me, awakened me and motivated me to change the

ANJEL Tech reduces the emotional, financial and physical toll of racial profiling. Imagine if people concerned with their safety can alert their loved ones to come instantly. When activated, the app sends a live stream of the incident as well as alerts with GPS directions to the person’s location, so loved ones can be there the instant they’re needed to help.

ANJEL Tech is discrete, so the person needing help can quietly ask for it without an aggressor noticing. This app can keep loved ones safe in the moment by getting them help from trusted sources and saves footage that they can utilize to demand accountability.

ANJEL Tech keeps this video evidence secure and accessible, unlike some corporations that might try to delete it or the police who determine when their footage gets released. And the app and its functions continue to progress in support of Black families by empowering them to feel safer and have the ability to hold others accountable by releasing footage when they want.

Samuel and his team have recently released an enhanced version of the app that’s geared toward college students. However, it can also be accessed by a student’s parents – no matter where they live – just in case the situation is such that their child cannot immediately engage the application.

ANJEL Tech is very affordable with plans available for one individual or families with price breaks that fit anyone’s budget.

ANJEL Tech is a technological revolution to ensure dignity, fairness and safety. ANJEL Tech turns any smartphone into your own personal body cam. It’s secure, mobile and cloud-based and was made by people of color who are passionate about preventing others like them from becoming another painful statistic.

Learn more about ANJEL Tech by downloading the app from the app store or visiting

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