Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. introduced the Safer Neighborhoods Gun Buyback Act of 2021 today. The bill provides federal grants to local communities to buy back guns from local gun owners. It would take guns out of communities, promote local businesses, help law enforcement solve crimes, and save American lives.

“There is no gun violence without guns,” said Payne, Jr. “My bill would give people a reason to get rid of their guns and create safer neighborhoods for their children. Gun buyback programs have worked at the state and local level to remove guns and reduce gun violence in communities. Now, we need a national program to give all towns and cities the funds to get guns off their streets.”

The bill provides the U.S. Department of Justice a two-year, $360 million grant to exchange smart debit cards for firearms. The exchanges would happen through local gun dealers and the debit cards would be worth the market value of their firearm plus an additional 25 percent of the gun’s value. Market value would be based on the condition, age and model of the firearm. Most of the guns recovered through the exchanges would be recycled.

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