As COVID-19 vaccinations continue to roll out across the country, many Americans are anticipating their long-awaited turn to get the vaccine. After a year of living in a pandemic, the public’s desire for a COVID-19 shot is producing conflicting feelings.

ValuePenguin surveyed more than 1,000 consumers and found some are frustrated that high-profile Americans and celebrities have been able to skirt the system to get a vaccine before others, while other Americans admit they would pay to be moved up in the vaccination line.

Key findings:

  • While most Americans don’t think people should be able to pay to get a COVID-19 vaccine earlier than normal, 57% admit they’d pay to move up in line.
    • More than 10% would shell out $500 or more to secure a spot.
  • 27% of Americans would give up alcohol for a year if it meant they could get the COVID-19 vaccine tomorrow.
    • Some would also give up Netflix (23%), video games (22%), and watching sports (22%). Consumers were least willing to sacrifice listening to music (10%), sex (14%), shopping (15%), and recreational drugs (16%).
  • More than a quarter (26%) say they’ve taken on a second job to qualify for a COVID-19 vaccine earlier than they would have. An additional 18% will consider doing so.
  • Likewise, 60% think it’s unfair if celebrities and other high-profile individuals have been able to get vaccinated before them.
  • 35% of Americans have felt jealous or resentful toward people in their life who have been vaccinated before them. Gen Xers (50%) and millennials (46%) feel more jealousy than any other generation.

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