Podcast company Afros & Audio is launching a new membership Community Network, for and by Black podcast creatives and audio professionals.

“It’s our contribution to this year’s Black History Month; the only difference is amplifying Black voices and accomplishments won’t end on the 28th because making history never ends,” said Talib Jasir, Founder of Afros & Audio.

For the past two years, Afros & Audio has hosted a two-day podcast conference that provides a platform for Black podcast professionals to share Industry insight and experiences as creatives and experts. Despite Zoom fatigue and the challenges of converting an in-person to a virtual event, 2020’s festival was a great success. The enthusiastic and passionate feedback received during and after the festival left the organizers with one regret – there wasn’t an immediate space to continue our connections.

“It’s only in the days after our events where we can adequately measure the impact of our commitment to community and collaboration,” said Jasir.

Two years later, Afros & Audio makes good on the inaugural promise to be a year-round source of support and resources, by and for Black podcast creatives and audio professionals.

Recognized as an inclusive community of all Black voices and lives, Afros & Audio’s Podcast Community Network is the outcome of a strategic collaboration between a host of industry partners. The new online community space will prove to be an experience much like the festival – transformative rather than transactional.

The Afros & Audio Podcast Community Network will connect podcast creatives, audio professionals, brands, and businesses globally, encouraging proactive collaborations to support members with a groundbreaking and community-centered resource sharing platform.

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