The family of Dr. Frederick K.C. Price announced his passing on the evening of February 12, following a brief bout with COVID-19.

The 89-year-old minister had a distinct approach to ministry as a teacher versus preacher. His aim was for people to grow in their knowledge of God, the bible, its promises, and to apply its principles for life success.

Apart from being a teacher of faith, Dr. Price was an ardent biblical scholar and author of over 50 books, including How Faith Works, Golden Nuggets: A Treasury of Wisdom for Both Ministers and Laypeople, Integrity: The Guarantee of Success, and many more.

As a highly disciplined individual, Dr. Price served as a positive role model of excellence. He took God at His word and encouraged others through his personal example of applied learnings as a devoted husband and father, and as an integrous employee in the private sector prior to his full-time service in ministry. He was an enthusiastic student of life and an unapologetic stickler for truth, with the belief that ‘once you know better, you can do better.’

Upon the founding of Crenshaw Christian Center in 1973 in Inglewood, California, Dr. Price quickly amassed a following of those hungry to improve their life circumstances through sound biblical teaching. His multiple services which were broadcast through his own established Ever Increasing Faith Ministries television ministry, accelerated growth and led to the construction of the Faith Dome, a 10,000-seat sanctuary situated in South Los Angeles which opened in 1989. With a growing presence of viewers in New York, Crenshaw Christian Center East was established in 2001.

Dr. Price, like Paul, was an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was a true sower – investing in the lives of people by ensuring access to the truth of God’s word for its triumphant application. Despite his full life as a husband and father, he served as a very present mentor to others. In 1990, he established the Fellowship of Inner-City Word of Faith Ministers (FICWFM) with convenings to boost the growth of ministers, their ministries and laypeople. The multi-day family affair was a showcase of faith and love-in-action as people traveled from all corners of the world to absorb deeper biblical teachings.

Dr. Price encouraged everyone to know the bible for themselves, and he diligently unpacked its teachings with practical life examples. He often used his personal life as a way for others to learn, peeling back the curtain to expose an early fear of the ocean, having never learned to swim as a young person. He addressed this head on by becoming an excellent certified scuba driver.

Dr. Price left an indelible mark as a global influencer for good. His desire was that people from all walks of life would reach their full potential to impact their families, homes, workplaces, and society-at-large. His dedication and commitment to the community of South Los Angeles was steadfast and unwavering.

Dr. Price is survived by his wife of 67-years, Dr. Betty Ruth Price, his four children, Angela, Cheryl, Stephanie and Fred Price, Jr., pastor of Crenshaw Christian Center, 10 grandchildren and five great grandchildren. “He was the consummate family man, and that’s one of the hallmarks of his ministry and his life,” said daughter and church president, Angela Evans.

The family is grateful for the outpouring of love and condolences from around the globe. In honor of Dr. Price’s legacy, an open to the public lying in repose closed casket viewing is slated for Thursday, March 4th and Friday, March 5th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. On Saturday, March 6th, an 11 a.m. live streamed service will occur followed by a private family burial. The service may be viewed on EIF YouTube Channel, EIF Facebook Page, EIF website-watch now, and EIF on demand. Amid COVID-19 realities, the family is acutely aware and deeply concerned for the safety of others. Strict adherence to all safety protocols is appreciated and will be enforced.

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