By Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake

The acts of violence on the Capital were despicable. Like you, I watched on television in pure disgust as a violent mob of people stormed through the doors of the nation’s Capital while carrying Trump and confederate flags, vandalizing the historic building, scouring the halls looking for legislators and shouting “where are they?”. One thing is clear: yesterday’s events were a direct act of insurrection and an attempted coup.

These domestic terrorists turned our American values of freedom of speech and peaceful protesting into dark hours of violence, hatred, and civil unrest. Their attempts to block the formal certification of the presidential election were sadly powered by the disgraceful words of Donald Trump, a President who has failed to lead our nation time and time again.

From the start of his term as President of the United States, Trump’s actions, words, and tweets have consistently sowed hatred, racism, fear, bigotry, and division while inciting violence. It is time for his reign of terror to end. The events at the Capital vividly depicted why Donald Trump must stop leading our nation now.

Furthermore, the stark difference rooted in bias in how “protestors” are prepared for and handled by law enforcement must be addressed. When Black Lives Matter protestors went to Washington to peacefully protest, they were met with human walls of armed guards and more. When Trump supporters carrying confederate flags, (America’s symbol for racism and past times when it was legal to string my ancestors by the neck from trees and trade them like cattle) stormed, vandalized, and infiltrated the capital, they were met with lack of preparedness. Had the BLM protestors broke into the chambers at the Capital, the casualties among protestors would have been numerous through the use of deadly force. This difference in treatment and preparedness is the second-largest recent example of White privilege in our nation, next to the first example being Donald Trump himself.

In 2017, as President of the Essex Freeholder Board (Board of Commissioners), I was the first elected official in the State of New Jersey to officially call for the impeachment of President Trump by way of the passing of a resolution.

Today, as a NJ State Assemblywoman, I stand alongside dozens of elected leaders in our state and throughout our nation calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump or the removal of office by way of the 25th Amendment. Trump is not fit for service and his recent actions have yet again incited violence. President Trump has been and still is unfit to lead this nation, and is an embarrassment to American History.

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