Several New Jersey politicians are voicing their outrage over Wednesday’s violence at at the U.S. Capitol. They say President Donald Trump’s rhetoric is blame and they want him out of office. The call comes during Trump’s final days in office and the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Congressman Donald Payne, Jr.: “We have never had a president who cared less about the American people. Since the November election, he has shown that his ego and personal profiteering are far more important than his job to protect the country and defend the Constitution. I thought we might be able to survive his reckless and criminal behavior until the January 20 inauguration of Joe Biden as our 46th President. But his actions in Georgia and his support for rioters and terrorists during the siege of our Capitol Building, a symbol of democracy worldwide, shows he should be removed from office immediately. Once he is removed, we can work to restore America as one nation with liberty and justice for all again.”

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman: “This is not a mere protest, this is a disruption of democracy. And it is the direct result of incendiary rhetoric from the President and members of his party. It’s the last gasp of a party that has abandoned its commitment to our country’s ideals.”

U.S. Cory Booker: “It’s unprecedented that he’s fanning the flames of conspiracy to create a smokescreen in this nation to cover what he’s trying to do, which is to undermine our democratic principles…The parallel between the two is they were both waving flags to a sole sovereign, to an individual, surrendering democratic principle to the cultic personality. One was a monarch in England and the other, with all the flags I saw all over the Capitol, including in the hallways and in this room, to a single person named Donald Trump.”

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka: “Our nation fervently watched attacks on our Members of Congress. They were barricaded in the U.S. Capitol and held hostage only for the mere reason that democracy was upheld. Make no mistake: President-Elect Biden won the election not by a small margin but by 9 million votes. The people have spoken. He won the Electoral College by a tally of 306 to 232. Those votes have been certified by the states, upheld by all the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, and were confirmed last night by Congress. However, what we have known for some time and what last night has certainly proven is that the Electoral College is our biggest obstacle to a true democracy. There has never been anything right with it. I stand for the abolishment of this outdated and undemocratic practice and further call upon every elected official that believes in the future freedoms of our civilization to continue to condemn yesterday’s atrocities.”

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