Serial Entrepreneur Andre Robinson is championing the success of minority businesses with the upcoming launch of his new platform, BuySellBlack.

Touted as a ‘Market for All’, BuySellBlack platform is created for minority communities to support minority businesses. Sellers on the platform offer a range of goods and services from electronics, clothing, groceries to consulting, catering, and gardening services. But that’s not all, Sellers can also host auctions, offer subscription services, bookings, and reservations with options to boost sales by advertisements.

Like most multivendor platforms, there are fees for selling on BuySellBlack. Seller plans start from $0 per month for selling up to 200 products and services; however, there are free trial memberships for businesses to test the platform’s advanced features.

As it relates to consumers, anyone can make purchases on the platform but for shoppers who are keen on savings, BuySellBlack offers paid membership plans for rebates on purchases.

For anyone looking for extra options to increase their income, BuySellBlack is a blessing. The platform came about as a result of disappointments experienced by the Founder, Andre Robinson over recent years. Andre Robinson created BuySellBlack because many people are unable to work due to the COVID 19 pandemic. He also added that the killing of George Floyd ignited his passion to help minorities build successful businesses.

He said: “Covid shut everything down and people out of work still have responsibilities. I want to give everyone another way to work from home utilizing their skillset and create financial freedom whilst spending time with families, I would like our voices to be heard and break systemic racism barriers. If we support our own, America will include us in the conversation”.

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