By John Currie, Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee is again calling on leading Republican elected officials, party leaders and declared statewide candidates to publicly acknowledge Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ victory in the 2020 presidential election. While some former officials have recently weighed in, the vast majority of New Jersey Republican leaders have done absolutely nothing to dispel blatant lies and misinformation being spread by President Trump about alleged election irregularities that have no basis in fact.

Republican officials who have enabled President Trump’s attempts to undermine democracy include State Republican Chairman Doug Steinhardt, Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli, Congressmen Jeff Van Drew and Chris Smith and State Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr., among many others.

“New Jersey Republicans have spent the past four years in fear of offending President Trump and the clear fact that he lost the election has apparently done nothing to give them a backbone,” said NJDSC Chairman John Currie. “Republicans like Doug Steinhardt, Jack Ciattarelli and many others are doing real damage to public health, national security and the economy by helping President Trump sow disinformation, attack our democratic system and unnecessarily delay the transition. New Jerseyans must stand up and demand not only that President Trump concede, but that Republicans here in our state stop enabling him and stand up for the rule of law and the peaceful transition of power.”

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