By Glenn Townes
The President of the United States (POTUS) refused to disavow white supremacy and white supremacists to a national audience, because he is one. Period. End of story.
Why his largely pallid base of cross carrying and white sheet wearing cult worshipers refuse to acknowledge and repeatedly ignore this undeniable and indisputable FACT is a question that no one in his orbit will ever fully and completely answer.
During one of the most embarrassing and disgraceful presidential debates in American history Trump did not condemn right wing extremists after directly being asked to do so. He stumbled and stuttered before uttering the name of a reviled white supremacist group called the Proud Boys. He tacitly encouraged the group of flat bed truck drivin’, moonshine drinkin’ and banjo playin’ hillbilly henchmen into threatening voters in the upcoming election. “Stand back” and “Stand by,” he told them. A dog whistle that suggests and clearly encourages violence and intimidation.
For those of us in the media, especially those of us of color, that have covered Trump since his alleged business mogul days in New York, Atlantic City up to the present– his bombastic, arrogant, obnoxious, rude and far from presidential performance was nothing new. Plus, with a long and well documented history of racism—Trump called African countries, “sh*t holes,” labeled himself a “white nationalist” and repeatedly says, “he is the least racist person anyone will ever meet,” the circus like atmosphere of the presidential debate was sort of expected. While Joe Biden remained mostly focused and calm throughout the near 2-hour spectacle, his overall performance was staid and lackluster. Biden didn’t win the debate as much as Trump lost it with aggressive, outlandish and annoyingly petulant behavior. Both men spewed several false and misleading statements throughout the debate that were ultimately fact checked by various media outlets and other sources.
As I read and watched reaction following the debate, I noticed very few Republican senators speaking out about Trumps’ horrible display. As we know, most of the Republican senators fear the wrath of the Imperial Wizard and few have the balls to speak out and tend to keep their mouths shut.
However, the White House did issue a statement claiming that Trump–“accomplished his mission during the debate.” I’m not exactly sure what “the mission” was. I chuckled as I watched Senator Tim Scott, the only African American in the U.S. Senate, assert that Trump “misspoke” when he suggested the Proud Boys stand back and stand by. It seems as if Trump has a long history of “misspeaking.” For example, one of my marginal FB friends who is a die-hard supporter of Don the Con and believes everything his says, said, “President Trump said he’s not a racist and I really do believe him.” I shot back at her with a snarky response– “I’m 6’2, 190 lbs and 35 years old, do you believe me too?”
At any rate, the only thing the first debate did was to further entrench the FACT that Trump is a white supremacist. Until his supporters stop dismissing it, accept it and perhaps re-evaluate some of their own feelings and points of view, another debate likely won’t change anyone’s mind on who to vote for. I guess the phrase, “Once a Trumpie always a Trumpie,” will remain a solid chant among his base. The phrase is suspiciously similar to “Once a bigot, always a bigot!” By the way, I mailed back my ballot today. I’ll keep it a secret as to who I voted for!! Cheers!!

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