Surf apparel company Hurley announces a multi-year global partnership with Black Girls Surf (BGS), a Performance Training Program and organization that supports girls and women of color whose dreams and career goals are to compete in professional surfing.

With locations in the US, Africa, Jamaica & Brazil, BGS invites surfers to both training camps and “board meetings”, encompassing beginners all the way to female surfers at the expert level. It is an inclusive organization that works to further the future of females in surfing. BGS’s goal is to make sure anyone who has ever wanted to surf is given the chance.

In addition to having a solid roster of experienced surfers on their team, BGS ensures their athletes also have the opportunity to get an education through their sponsorship program. These women not only get to work towards their professional surf dreams, they’re empowered through education along the way.

Rhonda Harper, the founder of Black Girls Surf, has championed women in surf and worked to create a platform to unite people through the sport. As a longtime surfer with aspirations of becoming a professional surfer herself, she understands the need for coaches, mentors and trainers of color and is ecstatic about the partnership.

“Today, my vision came to fruition. It hasn’t been an easy road but nothing great comes from things being easy. I want to thank Hurley for allowing Black Girls Surf to be the example for the next generation of young women surfers. I see us working together and accomplishing great things in the future. As I always say, if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.”

“We are so excited to be able to partner with Rhonda and BGS! Her love for these young women, and vision for them to get to the world tour level is something we dearly want to be a part of, to help them to progress and achieve their dreams!” says Brett Simpson, US Olympic Surf Coach and Sports Marketing Director/Team Manager at Hurley.

The Hurley Youth program has always been incredibly important, and the brand maintains a huge global roster of youth & professional athletes & ambassadors.

“We have a very powerful Surf program, a global footprint, and world renowned coaches in the US, EMEA (Philippe Malvaux), Australia and more,” says Simpson. “Philippe Malvaux is from Senegal, and Hurley is already tied to that community. It seemed like a natural fit for Hurley EMEA to help BGS with their African surfers, and for Hurley US to help with the other territories. We have the ability to be feet on the ground to support women/girls who want to surf, as well as amplify diversity in the sport through social media, marketing, etc.”

This partnership seeks to expand the inclusivity within the sport of surfing as a whole, as it relates to both race and gender. Together, Hurley and BGS will participate in events, co-sponsor athletes and share the mission of BGS with a larger audience than before. Hurley, with a long-time commitment to inclusion, is excited to be partnering with such an incredible organization and amplify the #solidarityinsurf movement lead by Black Girls Surf.

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