It was an ordinary summer day. The sky was a perfect, cloudless azure blue, mid-afternoon, not quite 3:00. Mine is an ordinary hometown by today’s standards– the year, 2030. The one oddity about my Brooklyn neighborhood was the elevated train station at the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Washington Avenue. My neighborhood had subways… not elevated lines. Subways run below ground, not like Coney Island and Brighton Beach or Chicago, but this was just a dream… so I went with it.

In the dream I was headed home, deep in the rhythm of my thoughts, when I saw the sky suddenly darken and felt a sudden rush of air from overhead. As if out of nowhere, a flight of low flying military aircraft, fighter jets, dove down, passing overhead so low that the ground shook and the air rumbled like a bad thunderstorm. So low, I could almost see the pilots in their cockpits as they banked in precise formation.

There were no more than five or six jets. Two sleek fighters so bright and silver that their fuselage appeared to be some alien alloy. They dropped down between the buildings nearly touching wingtips like the Thunderbirds or the Blue Angels, then at the last possible second, they split left and right around the train station and ascended into the blue. In an instant… they were gone!

A third aircraft, flying at the same rate of speed as the two fighters, broke formation, and to my utter amazement, came to a sudden stop just above the entrance to the train station and hovered there. It was a deep reddish brown, like Georgia soil. It hovered like a U.S. Marine Harrier jet. The Harrier or “Jump Jet,” is capable of vertical take-offs and landings, and can hover like a helicopter, but this was bigger. It was rectangular, about 100 ft. by 35 ft., and flat like an apple strudel, with no tail, and eerily silent.

I was shaken… frightened by the “attack,” but I was equally dumbfounded by it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the “Strudel.” From its underside, bright lights, beacons flashed intermittently, as if they were taking pictures, monitoring, or somehow recording the activity beneath it. But, how could that be, and who would want to capture images of random passersby?

Then, without any warning, two of the other aircrafts emerged from behind the train station, one from the left, one from the right. They were coming towards me at a reduced rate of speed, dropping what looked like huge caramel-colored snowflakes on everyone– like a crop duster. By the time I realized the “snowflakes” were coated with a chemical compound, it was too late. We were under attack– a biological attack, and there was no escaping. The snowflakes also served as “tags” which the “Strudel” could monitor, enabling them to locate, count and identify the entire population below.

But who were the intruders? Who was responsible for the attack? Who wanted to count, identify, and “infect” the population? The silver fighter jets moved much too fast to see any markings. The “Strudel” jet was also without any noticeable markings. However, the “crop dusters” flew low enough and slow enough to notice two markings W.H.O. and BMG Foundation. Could W.H.O. be the World Health Organization? But what about BMG? Then it hit me, the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation!

Reports say, population reduction has long been the mandate of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They along with wealthy donors like George Soros, are the source of major funding and the driving force behind the W.H.O. In fact, America has long supported a “secret” agenda of involuntary contraception, forced sterilization, mandatory vaccination, and Eugenics programs.

The snowflakes landing on my arm began to bubble like sodium peroxide, then dissolve with a mild burning sensation. They left reddish colored marks– I had been tagged. Exactly what it means, and how it will affect me in the future, only time will tell.

The dream ended and I was left with a cascade of troubling questions. Is it possible to infect and tag the entire population of the world– nearly 8 billion people? What would that take? Who would hatch such an evil plot? I’ve read, the objective is to reduce humankind by one third, but how would they effectively dispose of over 2.5 million people? (As of July 26, the worldwide Corona death toll is 646,000.) Is “weeding out” undesirables– minorities, elderly, poor, the terminally ill, the mentally ill, part of the plot?

Recently, I was reminded, the advantage of modern civilization is ensuring the survival of the species– homo sapiens, human beings, but who are the Gatekeepers? Who are the rich and powerful who decide who lives and who dies? Who are the Gatekeepers determining who among us burdens the food supply, clean water and inhabitable land, the global economy, and thus, threaten the survival of the species?

I’ll think twice before taking the Covid-19 vaccine, and occasionally, I’ll look up.

That’s what’s on my mind!

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