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In concert with Black Business Month, effective Monday, August 3rd, the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (AACCNJ) is starting a “Ready for the Job” initiative which entails collecting the resumes/business credentials of Black male and female, entrepreneurs, students and interns in order to help fill potential job opportunities with small and large corporations of which the AACCNJ has relationships/partnerships.

Due to the current environment encompassing COVID-19 and the nationwide social and global unrest, after the death of George Floyd, a heightened awareness of the multitude of inequities, in health, living conditions and employment opportunities; has triggered an increased willingness and commitment from corporations to address these concerns through structural policy changes and through the direct support of Blacks and Black-owned businesses. In an effort, to provide a pipeline for corporations to access a pool of applicants, the AACCNJ will collect resumes to serve as a resource to job fulfillment requests on the AACCNJ website platform, www.aaccnj.com. When job opportunities are presented, the AACCNJ will be able to respond quickly giving our constituents the best opportunity to obtain the job. If the resume is already in our possession the response time will be expedited.

Those in the job market are encourage you to upload their credentials/resume to become a part of the “Ready for the Job” initiative. The staff will monitor job requests and will inform individuals, via email, when their resume has been provided for consideration for an open position. Questions regarding the program can be sent to mgriffin@aaccnj.com.​

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