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From outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin comes soul music master, Troy Tyler.  His new single, the sultry “Good Good”, cuts to the chase lyrically, as Troy heaps accolades to the more-than-all-good sexy ways of the man’s lady love – making him look forward to “breakfast in the morning”, as Maestro Tyler muses coyly in song.

Tyler always had a love for singing. As a child growing up in the town of Menominee Falls (part of the Greater Milwaukee area), he’d sing for his parents who encouraged him to pursue music. He kept at it while growing up, singing every chance he could get. Tyler would sing with his father, a musician in his own right, and take the high notes while his father took the lower ones.

The hard work paid off – in 2017, Troy’s single, “90’s R&B,” made the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Top 10 songs for that year. He continued writing, focusing on song structure, and perfecting his craft, releasing “Seconds of Forever” and “Violet,” both well received by fans. Tyler’s music has earned him a strong following in both Milwaukee and Chicago – he’s earned airplay on Wisconsin radio, performed at showcases in Chicago as well as at Milwaukee’s US Cellular Arena to an audience of 8,000.

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