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All women Black-owned technology company launches HellaBlack, an e-commerce marketplace for Black retailers and Black enthusiasts this August 2020.
As the world protests systemic racism, the necessity of supporting Black enterprises is critical to building sustainable wealth for generations. With 41% of Black-owned businesses being forced to close due to the economic strain of COVID-19, the HellaBlack marketplace positions Black retailers on a state-of-the-art digital e-commerce platform that is powered by digital marketing experts.

Launching in August 2020, HellaBlack (HB) offers consumers a one-stop-shop to find gifts, fashion, kids apparel, beauty products, and so much more from Black businesses. Black business owners can breakthrough oversaturated online marketplaces and market directly to Black consumers by pooling advertising dollars with other businesses on the platform and advertise at a larger scale.

“I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and witnessed firsthand the obstacles small business owners face,” says Love-leigh Trimiew, founder of HB. I took all those experiences and built a technology-first platform that makes it easy for Black people to find businesses that reflect our own communities.”

HB is committed to giving back a percentage of their company’s earnings to charitable Black causes, and to remain an active participant towards social justice through economic empowerment.

HellaBlack is undertaking supplemental fundraising efforts in advance of its launch that offers like-minded enthusiasts the opportunity to support the dream and be a part of a real-life transformational economic shift whose primary focus is to build Black wealth. Contribute to the Kickstarter campaign HERE. To learn more about investing, how to become a HB vendor or join our waitlist, visit HellaBlack.com.

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