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The Phenomenal Women Group has started to curate a list of Black Women and Women of Color in the Blogosphere to follow on Twitter. Currently (TPWG) has a growing and evolving list that is currently at the three hundred and fifty mark and growing of Black Women and Women of Color on Twitter who blog. The name of the list is “Sistah’s that Blog.”
Some names might be familiar and some you may not know. The point of the list is to give a spotlight to new voices who you might not have been heard of in a mix of the already popular. What’s important are the unique viewpoints and opinions you will be exposed to, whether it’s fashion finds, beauty tips, or just everyday life advice.

“I wanted that all Black women and women of color that put forth the effort to create a digital voice, the ability to gain an audience by help of the team, creating a simplified list with the use of Twitter, we hope in future this list grows to thousands of profiles,” said-Michelle Mitchell, Founder of The Phenomenal Women Group.

The Phenomenal Women Group is a social network and app for black women and women of color. The Phenomenal Women Group seeks to change the lives of women through online social engagement establishing this digital movement. The membership comprises of Black women who are CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Attorneys, MDs, Nurses, Actresses, Models, Music Industry executives, Newly Graduated from college, Stay Home Mom’s and Retirees.

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