Dababy wearing Hollywoodhunna (HollywoodHunna photo)

Urban News Staff Reports

Following the success of his latest release “COZY PANTS,” founder HollywoodHunna has made an effort to address police brutality, racial injustice, and systemic racism. He stands in solidarity with those who demand their voices to be heard and supports the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement.

Hollywoodhunna has created the GEORGE FLOYD Collection, where it will feature three new T-shirts with impactful slogans such as “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE,” “BLM,” and “GO VOTE.”

Using a screen print art style, the collection will be limited. HollywoodHunna will be donating across organizations such as “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” “The George Floyd Memorial Fund,” and the Floyd family who was affected by this tragedy.

The collection can be seen on through social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and directly at the HollywoodHunna website.

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