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The Bronner Bros Int’l Beauty Show (BB) announced the launch of the BB Beauty & Barber Fund to provide relief to licensed cosmetology professionals who have not been able to work or are experiencing financial hardships due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The collaborative effort will help support stylists, barbers, and others in the multicultural beauty industry, which has widely been affected by the pandemic. The campaign’s leading sponsors include Royal Oils by Head & Shoulders and Gold Series by Pantene. Applications for the Fund open May 25th and close May 30, 2020.

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the Black beauty industry. Multicultural barbers and stylists represent nearly 25% of all cosmetology professionals and contribute to the textured haircare category’s estimated annual economic impact of $2.51 billion. According to a 2019 Nielsen Report, African Americans also account for nearly 86% of the total spend in the US ethnic hair and beauty aids category.

“To many of us, barbers and stylists are like family. They do more than cut and style our hair. They are trusted advisors and their shops not only offer a safe haven for our community, but also serve as an economic engine for entrepreneurship,” said James Bronner, SVP Show Operations for the Bronner Bros. Beauty Show. “Although everyone in the community is impacted, COVID-19 has halted the ability for stylists and barbers to generate income in a manner that is unprecedented. We hope this effort will help in some small way.”

“Royal Oils and Gold Series are proud to support Bronner Bros. as they continue to uplift the multicultural beauty industry,” said Lela Coffey, P&G Multicultural Beauty Brand Director. “Our stylists and barbers are essential to the culture of local communities and, without question, deserve our support during this difficult time.”

The fund will provide $500 to individual beauty professionals and $1,000 to salons/shops with 5 or more employees who have successfully submitted all required documentations and met all guidelines, including a valid state-issued Cosmetology License. Grants are intended to be emergency aid for immediate monetary needs, i.e. food, rent or mortgage, utilities, medical expenses, transportation costs, or other essential financial obligations caused by the economic impact of COVID-19.

Grant Eligibility Guidelines

  • Have a current Cosmetology License issued by their respective State agency
  • Able to establish a loss of business and impact on the business as a result of the COVID-19 virus
  • Demonstrate a financial need to meet immediate monetary needs, i.e. food, rent or mortgage, utilities, medical expenses, transportation costs, or other essential financial obligations, caused by the economic impact of COVID-19
  • Awards are subject to the conditions of the program. Eligibility requirements and application information are available at or via

As part of the initiative, a free online resources will also be offered to help ensure stylists and barbers stay informed and prepared. The site includes links to curated information such as:
  • Health and safety guidelines for shop reopening
  • Video tutorials
  • Additional financial sources and PPE
  • General beauty industry COVID-19 updates

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