Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Cathy Bennett
NJHA President and CEO

New Jersey’s healthcare facilities never stop caring for their patients and residents – including in times of crisis. Our healthcare teams have been heroic in caring for those with COVID-19 while also providing care throughout this pandemic, including emergency and trauma care, life-saving surgeries, labor and delivery, rehabilitation, skilled nursing and behavioral health.

The healthcare community is here to care. We support Gov. Murphy and the State as they plan for a smart, safe return of economic and social activity. We have learned a great deal since COVID-19 arrived in our state. Our clinical experts, infection prevention professionals and others have optimized processes for providing safe care while protecting patients and residents from virus transmission.

One additional note to the people of New Jersey: Please do not delay essential care! Go to the nearest hospital or call 911. We are ready to care for you. The COVID crisis will be compounded if we see additional harm to New Jerseyans’ health and well-being because of a concern about seeking out needed care.

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